Agenda: Friday, June 3

Time Session
8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Technology Showcases Open

8:00 a.m. -

Complimentary Breakfast

Visit the Technology Showcases in the exhibit area.

8:40 a.m. -

Case Study: Clemson’s Social Video Onslaught at the National Championship Game

The Clemson Tigers may have fallen just short in a thrilling National Championship Game but the program’s social media and video team were flying high all weekend long in Arizona. Members of the team discuss their strategy for producing content for various social platforms, lessons learned that apply to any sporting event year round, and how a work of fiction became one of their most popular pieces of content.
Nik Conklin, Clemson University, Coordinator of Digital Content
Jonathan Gantt, Clemson University, Director of New and Creative Media

9:25 a.m. -

Technology Case Study

The Live Connected Campus: What’s New For The Next Generation of Live Producers
presented by EVS

As more live content is being generated at schools than ever before, there is an increased demand for immediate access to that content. By leveraging cloud and IP architecture already available at today’s campuses, we’ll show how production teams and content stakeholders – wherever they are located on campus and beyond – can benefit from collaborative workflows for fast turnaround sports and news productions, leading to exciting new opportunities for compelling content production and delivery across many channels.
James Stellpflug
, EVS, VP, Product Marketing

9:40 a.m. -

Keynote Speaker

Amy Huchthausen, America East Conference, Commissioner

Triumph In the Digital Landscape, Regardless of Size 
In this keynote conversation, Huchthausen – who was recently named one of Sports Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 class – will dig deep into how video is core to the America East’s strategy and how a mid-major conference can shine in the crowded digital media landscape.

10:00 a.m -

Networking Break/Exhibits Area

Visit the Technology Showcases in the exhibit area.


Workshop 1 – The Content Evolution: New World Strategies In Video Creation

Digital video changed the game for the college sports industry and now, as the market matures, its opening up a world of new opportunities and ideas as schools and conferences look for innovative ways to more directly connect with their fans and alumni. Be it your live digital network, your social media channels, or you stadium experience, this workshop offers you in-depth looks at how to re-think your content and programming game plan.

10:30 a.m.
Case Study: Building “The Valley on ESPN3”
This academic year, the Missouri Valley Conference completely re-imagined its live video strategy, accelerating its member institutions to produce upwards of 400 live events, all using the ESPN3 model. How did the conference and its 10 diverse schools turn into a live video juggernaut in such a short amount of time? This in-depth case study offers a peek behind-the-scenes of the facilities that needed to build, the gear that needed to be purchased, and the training that needed to take place to make “The Valley on ESPN3” a reality.
Jack Watkins, Missouri Valley Conference, Associate Commissioner
Derrick Docket, Missouri Valley Conference, Associate Commissioner for New Media Technology
Christopher Jones, Indiana State University, Producer, The Valley on ESPN3
Brandon Hite, Missouri State University, Producer, The Valley on ESPN3
Brian Scheffler, Bradley University, Producer, The Valley on ESPN3

11:15 a.m.
Case Study: Best Practices In Hosting A Memorable Off-Campus Event
More often than ever before, colleges are holding marquee events at neutral sites to draw a larger crowd or visit a unique venue. So what does that mean for your video operations if you are the “host” team? Lafayette College experienced this in 2014 when it hosted the 150th football meeting with Lehigh at Yankee Stadium. How did the Leopards video team work with Yankee Stadium on the in-venue presentation? What would they do differently? What advice would they offer to a school facing a similar opportunity?
Brooke Eveler, Lafayette College, Video Production Manager
Mark Holtzman, New York Yankees, Executive Director of Non-Baseball Events
Scott Morse, Lafayette College, Director of Athletics Communications & Promotions


Workshop 2 – Roll Up Your Sleeves: Critical Conversations In Production

With the increased demand for video content, athletic departments and conference offices have developed behind-the-scenes infrastructures that are both robust and advanced. Affordability and accessibility to sophisticated gear has made that a more seamless process than ever before. Stay on the cutting edge of some of the latest developments that will impact your workflows moving forward.

10:30 a.m.
Closed Captioning: Legal Ramifications and Execution
Official FCC regulations have begun to take effect regarding the closed captioning of digital video content. New rules on the horizons will present new opportunities for viewers and a new set of challenges for the college sports video production community. What does the law require of you today? What steps can you take now to prepare your workflows? What are some best practices for efficient execution?
Chris Taylor, Ball State University, Director, Ball State Sports Link
Giovanni Galvez, Telestream, Captionista and Product Manager
Imry Halevi, Harvard University, Director of Multimedia & Production
Bill McLaughlin
, EEG Enterprises, VP, Product Development

11:15 a.m.
Transmission and Distribution: Latest Developments in Point A to Point B
If content is king, then distribution is queen. Some of the latest technological developments are making transmission more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. But what’s the best fit for your needs? A panel of experienced content distributors discusses the advantages of methods ranging from satellite to fiber to IP.
Tom Buffolano, LTN Global Communications, VP, Business Development, Sports
Tim Dougherty, Wowza Media Systems, Senior Sales Engineer
Michael LaPlaca, University of Dayton, Assistant Athletic Director – Multimedia
Jon Landman, Teradek, VP, Sales
Philip Nelson, NewTek, Chief Relationship Officer

12:00 p.m.
On the Go: Broadcasting from Unexpected, and Inaccessible Locations
Multimedia Directors from colleges big and small are expected to go where the action is – follow teams on the field, on the court, in the track, on the course, in the river and on the mountain… How do colleges deal with the logistical challenges that some of these locations present? From live streaming with no power or internet to capturing areal footage, new technologies help cover sports that were once considered impossible, or impractical.
Jerry Wetzel, Industry Consultant
David Hoffman, Brainstorm, Sales Engineering Manager
Eric Pelloni, University of Colorado, Assistant Director, BuffVision
Mike Savello, LiveU, VP, Sales
Raymond Simmons, TVU Networks, Senior Field Support Engineer
Joe Torelli, Comrex, Market Development Manager