Brandon Hite

Producer, The Valley on ESPN3,
Missouri State University

1Hite_BrandonBrandon has been in the Audio-Video industry for over 20 years.  He graduated from Missouri State University with a B.S. degree in Electronics and is certified as an industrial technologist (CIT). Early in his career Brandon operated as a bench technician repairing electronic audio and video equipment. During this time he learned hands-on experience and then coupled that with his knowledge of electronics to design and utilize products for use in the audio/video industry.

Brandon evolved into systems design and integration. His knowledge and use of computer-aided design tools such as AutoCAD, EASE, StarDraw, and many other graphical and video production programs made him a crucial element to the systems integration design team. Brandon has been responsible for the design and installation of video and audio systems all over the country. 

Out of necessity and request, Brandon created his own video production company to fill a void in the regional area.  Since the creation of ‘Hite Media’, Brandon has focused primarily in the live event and sports production field.  He works closely with Missouri State University providing video production for Soccer, Volleyball. football, basketball, softball, and baseball on ESPN3 as well as in-venue production.  Brandon also directs and produces a regional late night television talk show, “The Mystery Hour” in Springfield, MO.  Some of his other clients include Fox Sports Midwest, ESPN, Benton Productions (Truck U-TV Show ‘Speed Channel’) and various other customers.

This continued hands-on experience keeps him well versed in the requirements necessary for the current trends in high-tech production.

Brandon is married to wife JoAnn and has two daughters, Samantha and Danielle.


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