“I’m not sure how any person involved in the creation/distribution of video in a college environment couldn’t benefit from this summit.”

“The number of attendees were up, the quality of the attendees were up, and the seminar schedule was right on target for this group. People were shopping instead of looking out of curiosity.” – Shaun Dail, VP Sales & Marketing, North America, Orad

“I’ve already placed orders with two of your exhibitors for equipment I didn’t know existed and will likely have three more in the upcoming weeks. It’s probably about $100,000 worth of equipment I wouldn’t have purchased had I not seen it [at CSVS]. I am sure CSVS will become a part of my regular summer routine moving forward.” – Ken Cleary, Director of New Media, University of North Carolina

“SVG runs one of the smartest conference around in the CSVS. By putting rightsholders in the same room with everyone I need to talk to about production, distribution, and the technology needed to get it done, CSVS is one-stop shopping for innovations in college sports video.” – Mark Fratto, Senior Associate AD for Communications, St. John’s University

“This was my first media convention and it is an invaluable experience for anyone, especially a student like myself. It was such a great opportunity to meet professionals in the industry before graduating and entering the media field.” – Courtney Krebs, Gamecock Productions, University of South Carolina

“I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it was very productive for me to see. I’ve already made a pitch to send at least one of our video guys next year.”
-Roger, Dunaway, Assistant Athletic Director for Athletics Communication, Tulane University

“It was a great show. I had productive meetings with partners and prospects outside of the panels and tracks. It was a great information exchange.”
-Will Weiss, Technology Solutions, NeuLion

“I really enjoyed being a part of [CSVS] and meeting so many people that share the same passion for what we all do. The thing that was most impressive [to me] was to see the number of College Sports Video Professionals that came from all over the country to share their thoughts, ideas, and how-to’s. I hope to be coming to the CSVS for years to come.”
- J. Stern, Assistant Athletic Director, Ole Miss Sports Productions

“It exceeded my expectations and I look forward to future conferences.”
- Richard Wanninger, Associate Executive Director, Patriot League

“As the head of a media relations unit, it was incredibly fascinating to learn how other schools handle their video departments. It was a real eye-opener when it comes to what other schools in the nation have when it comes to video departments.”
-Jason Yellin, Associate Athletic Director/Media Relations, UMass Athletics

“I really hope that more schools will begin to realize the importance of SVG and this summit.”
- Paul Danna, Director of Multimedia Services, University of South Carolina Athletics

“[CSVS] was a great conference and one we hope to take more colleagues to next year. It was a fantastic show that I know is going to grow bigger and better in the years to come. I had two of my productions nominated for College Sports Media Awards…the awards ceremony was the highlight of the trip, and I have never been a more proud producer than I was when I saw my clips during the ceremony.”
- Chris Ostien, Senior Producer / Director, Mountaineer Sports Network

“The College Sports Media Awards give everybody the opportunity to see what’s going on in the industry. I was up for the College Video of the Year award last year and lost to a great film from Oregon. Seeing what everybody else is doing really does spur my creativity and gives me some motivation to try new things.”
-Michael O’Leary, Writer/Producer, University of Michigan